Research positions

In the frame of the HOST project,  researchers were expected to be recruited and employed  in order to participate in the research activities relevant to HPC and services and to develop the prototype of the platform for HPC services. HOSTing team targets to hire already experienced researchers from European countries.


Five positions were announced to be available at the project beginning:

Position 1. Researcher in Cloud computing technologies for HPC service exposure.

Profile: Experienced researcher in distributed systems
Note: the work should complement the activities of HOSTing team in building a Platform as a Service solution dealing with the multiple Cloud provider offers.

Position 2. Researcher in scheduling algorithms and techniques.

Profile: Experienced researcher in parallel computing
Note: The current knowledge and achievements of HOSTing team are related to scheduling techniques for cluster and heterogeneous computing environments, but less on special techniques for HPC or GPU computing.

Position 3. Researcher in parallel computing in remote data processing.

Profile: Experienced researcher in image or data processing
Note: The current knowledge and achievements of HOSTing team are related to distributed processing in this application field; the team has started to experiment only recently parallel algorithms for satellite image classification on an IBM Blue Gene, and it is eager to experiment new techniques using GPUs.

Position 4. Researcher in large scale numerical computations.

Profile: Experienced researcher in computational mathematics or natural computing
Note: The current knowledge and achievements of HOSTing team are related to small scale numerical experiments on CPU clusters for PDEs (CFD codes), ODEs, optimizations and other nonlinear scientific problems. The HOSTing team is keen to continue with the development of applications for engineering and physics (previous involvement of the team in solving crystal growing or airfoil design).

Position 5. Researcher in HPC-based intelligent services.

Profile: Experienced researcher in artificial intelligence
Note: The current knowledge and achievements of HOSTing team are related to CPU cluster usage for natural computing (e.g. evolutionary computing, membrane computing), expert systems, data mining in medical databases. The HOSTing team is keen to raise the current level of teaching bio-informatics to a competitive research one.




Proof of the research experience through scientific publications and academic degrees (with a preference for a certified experience in the above described topics).
The experienced researcher must, at the time of the relevant deadline for recruitment, be in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience.


The work contract will be at least for the duration of the project. The employment will start as soon as the conditions are fulfilled (the candidate is available) and a negotiation about the incomes (in the limit of the project funds) has been reach.


A curriculum vitae, a list of papers, copies of the degree certificates, two recommendations from former work supervisors, and the significant publications in extenso, are invited to be submitted by e-mail to the HOST project manager, Prof. Dana Petcu (petcu _ at _  info. uvt . ro). For any questions related to the positions, please contact the same person.


Closing date for applications:

Round 1: March 1st, 2012
Round 2: June 30th, 2012
Round 3: December 27th, 2013

Note: The applications will be analyzed individually. If a candidate fulfill the conditions, it is possible to be hired before the deadline. Therefore early submissions are welcomed.

More details about the positions can be found here and a flyer about the HOSTing team, here.