Open access


Programme period:

April 2012 – December 2014


Benefits for the visitors

The visiting researchers will be able to:

  • ┬áconduct experiments on the HOSTing infrastructures together with the HOSTing team (by which experience the HOSTing team acquires new knowledge in the particular fields of the experiments)
  • participate in research activities of the HOSTing team.



The applications should describe the aim of the research to be performed.
Applicants are expected to have European citizenship.
Applications should send their expression of interest to Prof. Dana Petcu (petcu _at_ info _dot_ uvt _dot_ ro).


Types of mobilities:

Short term secondment

Fast training for HOSTing team.
Maximum 1/2 month.
Schedule: 2 /year.
These mobilities’ aim is to acquire fast knowledge in an application field of HPC in an intensive training period.
The output is the specialization in the topics of the training.
Profile of the person in short term mobility: background knowledge in the topics of the training.


Long term secondment

Research with HOSTing team
Maximum 2 months.
Schedule: 1 /year.
These mobilities’ aim is to develop together with the visitor a specific HPC application.
The output is the HPC application.
The proposal of common papers as result of the research activities performed together with the partner team is expected.
Profile of the person in long term mobility: previous research activities in the topics close to the one of the secondment.


Research topics (not restrictive):

Short term – fast trainings:


  1. HPC center maintenance
  2. Intellectual property rights in ICT


  1. HPC applications for environmental problems
  2. HPC applications in material sciences


  1. HPC applications in sociology and economy
  2. HPC applications in medicine and biology

The applicants should be experienced researchers specialized in the above described topics.


Long term – research:

2012: Self-organizing systems based on HPC
2013: Artificial intelligence for and using HPC
2014: HPC for public sector