Project details

Contractual data:

Title:  High Performance Computing Service Centre

Acronym: HOST

Period: 1 January 2012 – 31 December 2014

Total costs: 2 496 268 Euros

EC Contribution: 2 226 272 Euros

Project no: FP7-REGPOT-CT-2011-284595-HOST

Beneficiary: West University of Timisoara

Main objective:

Improve the research capacity and reinforce the scientific and technological potential of the Research Centre in Computer Science of the West University of Timisoara in order to unlock its capacity and make it accessible for European Research Area.


(R -Report, CO – confidential, PU- Public, Number – Month):

  1. D1.1 Midterm secondment report R CO 18
  2. D1.2 Second period report on secondments R CO 36
  3. D2.1 Report on new infrastructure setups R CO 18
  4. D2.2 Midterm research and development report R CO 18
  5. D2.3 Second period report on research and development R CO 36
  6. D2.4 Report on infrastructure usage R CO 36
  7. D3.1 Dissemination plan R PU 6
  8. D3.2 Midterm report on events’ organization and participation R PU 18
  9. D3.3 Second period report on events’ organization and participation R PU 36
  10. D4.1 Detailed quality and risk management plan R CO 6
  11. D4.2 Conclusions of the steering committee for the first year R CO 13
  12. D4.3 Exploitation plan R CO 18
  13. D4.4 Conclusions of the steering committee for the second year R CO 25
  14. D4.5 Plan for using and dissemination of the foreground R CO 36
  15. D4.6 Conclusions of the steering committee for the third year R CO 36


  1. First project report R CO 18
  2. Second project report R CO 36
  3. Final report R PU 36


  • MS1. R&D accessibility plan established, Month 6: Agreements for secondments and access open
  • MS2. HPC lab, Month 12: Opening of the HPC lab
  • MS3. Infrastructure services, Month 18: HPCaaS services available
  • MS4. Integration of new human resources, Month 24: Employed personnel
  • MS5. Exploitation results, Month 30: Participation in new FP7/FP8 project proposals
  • MS6. Dissemination results, Month 36: All deliverable are provided


WP1. Knowledge

Mobilities between partners, open access programe and new strategic partnerships

Objective: Improve the existing knowledge through:

  • SO1.1 Augment the R&D experience and knowledge of the coordinator team
  • SO1.2 Exchange of know-how and experience
  • SO1.3 Attract foreign specialists to work with and in the centre
  • SO1.4 Establish new collaborative R&D relationships and improve the existing ones


  1. T1.1 Secondments at partnering organizations
  2. T1.2 Hosting researchers from partner institutions
  3. T1.3 Open access programme
  4. T1.4 Strategic partnerships for new collaborations

WP2. Capacity

Infrastructure enhancement, research positions and technical support

Objective:  Reinforce the research capacity through:

  • SO2.1 Wider the offer and raise the quality of the R&D services offered to the community
  • SO2.2 Raise the degree of infrastructure usage
  • SO2.3 Expand the infrastructure capacity
  • SO2.4 Ensure the technical support for the infrastructure


  1. T2.1 Infrastructure improvement and usage
  2. T2.2 Technical support
  3. T2.3 Human resources

WP3. Dissemination

Event organization, project dissemination, participation to other events

Objective: Promote and exploit the knowledge and capacity through:

  • SO3.1 Contribute to the community efforts for dissemination and collaboration
  • SO3.2 Raise the level skills in the field
  • SO3.3 Raise awareness about the project aims and opportunities


  1. T3.1 International workshops on HPC services
  2. T3.2 National workshops of Romanian e-Infrastructure community
  3. T3.3 HOSTing team mobilities
  4. T3.4 Project dissemination

WP4. Management

Project management, reporting and communications

Objective: Ensure the achievements of the proposed plan, through:

  • SO4.1 Manage the project according to the approved plan
  • SO4.2 Ensure timely reporting
  • SO4.3 Guarantee the quality of the project deliverable and information about the project
  • SO4.4 Ensure the collaborations with on-going initiatives


  1. T4.1 Project administration and logistics
  2. T4.2 Project reporting
  3. T4.3 Communications